BACKSTORY 2014—2017
Parking App

UX & UI / Branding


PARQ is an application to allow individuals seeking for a parking space to find with ease, especially in a large, populous city. Without any parking applications currently that show information regarding no-meter street parking, PARQ helps to locate and find any available parking spaces including specific street parking areas. This application serves navigation and payment functions, generating smooth process from driving to parking.

Designed for smoothness and safety during every moments of driving to parking, PARQ differentiates itself from other applications by allowing users to utilize system by solely using their voice. Offering selections from street to public parking along with search range from the destination, voice functionality will ease the navigation process for users without having to touch the screen of their devices. It combines two features which are navigation and parking in one system that also easily locates vehicle that's parked, provides routes, and essentially facilitates the complete parking operations.

Parq is an app to help users conveniently find a parking space. The navigation interface is not only easy to use, but it also has function to select various parking options such as public, street, and meter along with the search range based on user's parking destination. Users can also use vocal navigation for easier control to select parking option and for direction.

When users reach range of search, the vocal navigation asks which parking option they would like to select. If street parking is selected, it provides information for street parking from no parking to 4 hour parking spots. If public parking lot is selected, system provides the directions to public parking lots by the destination. After parking, users can pay easily with the app.